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“FEMALES: Frauenland Appendage” – A New Series

5th June 2018/by barringtonarts_Admin1

“Opiate Blues and Violent Reds” – Major New Barrington Documentary

1st December 2017/by barringtonarts_Admin1

“FEMALES Volume III: Frauenland” – A New Series

13th September 2017/by barringtonarts_Admin1

“My Mother’s Past. A short photographic series, Garston Liverpool”

20th July 2017/by barringtonarts_Admin1

Self Portraits and Promotional Images

19th July 2017/by barringtonarts_Admin1

Review of Phil Barrington’s new book: “Cracked Amber Solid”

29th April 2017/by barringtonarts_Admin1

3rd Phil Barrington book release: “Cracked Amber Solid”

13th April 2017/by barringtonarts_Admin1

An Impromptu COIL Gathering, London

10th April 2017/by barringtonarts_Admin1

“Blavatsky; Pastoral with Fire”

7th July 2016/by barringtonarts_Admin1

Phil Barrington at the London Occult Conference

19th June 2016/by barringtonarts_Admin1

2nd Phil Barrington book print release: “The Golden Age of Bloodsports”

18th June 2016/by barringtonarts_Admin1
Blavatsky By Desk Lamp by Phil Barrington. 2016

“Blavatsky By Desk Lamp”

30th May 2016/by barringtonarts_Admin1

A visit from Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti

29th August 2015/by barringtonarts_Admin1

BarringtonArts; An invite to my new exhibition event

21st August 2015/by barringtonarts_Admin1

Frances; Perpetual Self-Mastectomy [I]

30th July 2015/by barringtonarts_Admin1

“Britannia; Nationalism as a Urine-Soaked Rag”

22nd July 2015/by barringtonarts_Admin1

BUST comic – Issue #1

10th July 2015/by barringtonarts_Admin1

“Sylvia P; Dans Un Lieu Oublié”, 2014 – Small Print Version

18th September 2014/by barringtonarts_Admin1


17th August 2014/by barringtonarts_Admin1

“Celestia; Poison Pact (of a Failed Artist And His Muse)”

27th July 2014/by barringtonarts_Admin1
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