“Over the years I’ve managed to capture a variety of my own exhibitions, appearances, experiments and basic rambling or sketchy exercises. Some are matter of fact and some are, perhaps, ridiculous and drink-fuelled. But…there you go.”

A major documentary about the work and working environment of Phil Barrington.
37-minute feature. 16:9. December 2017. Produced by Matchbox Nebula Productions.
Vimeo Video Channel link here;

Trailer; Phil Barrington at the London Occult Conference, 2016.

Trailer; Unboxing Phil Barrington’s hardcover book ‘Cracked Amber Solid’ [Patron Edition], 2017.

A brief film of the 2014 UK exhibition of Phil Barrington’s “FEMALES (in life & with death) series of mixed media photography prints. At King’s Lynn’s Hanse House venue (the Hamburg Gallery, above the Rathskeller) in East Anglia.

Trailer; Phil Barrington at the Hamburg Gallery, 2014.

Trailer; Phil Barrington at the Brick Lane Gallery, London. July 2011.

A short film documenting Barrington with his photographic gallery exhibitions in 2009. Features behind-the-scenes films and footage from Greyfriars Art Space in King’s Lynn and the exhibition opening nights at Cambridge Galleries and Norwich Playhouse Galleries.

This is the trailer for Vodcast #1 ‘Distressing Methods’ (Dec 2008) for the old website. This is actually much better than the finished vodcast. Less is more, and all that.

If all the above is not total overkill for you, then visit the Barrington Arts Youtube Channel for many more short films.


“Sound is very important to me – especially a sound installation in an art gallery setting (if I have the option) complimenting the works on display. An all-round multi-sensual experience designed to haunt the brains of gallery visitors and tease out traces of memories. Medical professionals do it for alzheimer patients as Recollection Therapy, but I like the idea of us all reaping the rewards of that. Our good memories start from having a multi-sensual experience, don’t they? So to get back to memory origins as fully as possible is something I like the idea of.”

Artifice of Recollections

A 2015 FEMALES II Exhibition Soundscape by ICB Project (free download)

In April 2015 ICB Project (Phil Barrington’s sounds moniker) recorded an EP with the highly-skilled musicians Catherine Brooke and Philip Anderson, within their own rural recording studio in Eastern England. The results of these sound experiments, including tibetan throat singing, piano and violin explorations, field recordings from the Norfolk wilds and found sounds became the ambient soundtrack loop for Barrington’s “FEMALES II (with love and in death)” exhibition.

I. Solemn Sunrise  (mp3)
II. Violet’s Moment (mp3)
III. Deathtalk (mp3)
IV. Violet’s Reprise (mp3)
V. Reminiscing Summer Storms* (mp3 Download)

*32-min Gallery Loop of found sounds mixed with EP.

Tear E.P.

Demo recordings from 1999-2001 (free download)

ICB Project is an experimental sound/video group, consisting chiefly of Phil Barrington and a varied rotation of musicians and performers. From electro-industrial beginnings in 1999-2000, ICB Project went on to soundtrack and produce Phil Barrington’s 2009 series of solo “Cracktown” exhibition films, and then on to the videos/soundtrack for Barrington’s 2014 solo exhibition for “FEMALES Volume I”.

01 – Titles (mp3)
02 – Embryonic Hero (mp3)
03 – Tear (Live at the Submarine) (mp3)
04 – My Week Beats Your Year (mp3)
05 – Communication With Others (mp3)
06 – Bonus Track; ICB Project – Begin (Rough Demo) (mp3)