FEMALES Volume III: Frauenland

A new series of mixed media works by Phil Barrington has now been published in the Portfolio section of the Barrington Arts website.

“Frauenland, in this new series, is not the real-life district in Würzburg but my rural community populated by a variety of mysterious women; a place where all human times, beliefs and cosmic spaces are captured together.

As Homo sapiens we live day-to-day on a narrow level of existence best suited to our species-specific brainwave frequency (gamma waves around 40-50hz). We’ve tuned in to one particular level of life. But there are other worlds all around us; unseen worlds that quantum mechanics are now providing possible explanations for.

We all sense that other levels of existence are mixing with our lives right now. Through extreme grief, sleep deprivation, Déjà vu, illness, even temporary distorted optical elements in our eyes, we sense that the world we live in is at just one particular surface level; the other levels, or “worlds”, are not spiritual or theological and do not rely upon your beliefs for them to exist. They just are. They are there.

However, we can all deliberately catch glimpses of these other levels of existence in a variety of ways; psychedelics, drone sounds, experimental imagery and soundscapes, meditation (gamma waves of long-time meditators can reach frequencies of up to 200hz), Dreamachine sessions, magick rituals, cut-up writing technique, collage, even hauntology. As long as a particular element or tool distorts our conscious sense of time and/or space, we can dip into these other worlds that don’t adhere to such a sense.

I believe, when done in a finely-tuned or correctly juxtaposed way, 2D imagery itself can give us dilated soft recalls (or perhaps suggest ‘false recalls’ in a sense) of these other worlds all around us that our brains cannot logically comprehend in our own surface level existence.

In my recent imagework I have wanted to capture this sense of “otherness”. A recognisable place, but not quite of this world or time; a land of unsure historical period and confused logical context.”

This new album contains 22 works spanning in production from early 2016 to Spring 2017.

East Anglia, UK. 2017.