Opiate Blues and Violent Reds
…Paint, Photography & Art with Phil Barrington.
A documentary about creativity in isolation, by Louise Rosenberg.

A focus on the English mixed-media photographic artist Phil Barrington and his psychogeographical link to the desolate Norfolk countryside.

A Vimeo Exclusive: Currently free-to-watch uncut feature. Viewed here:


“There are many documentaries made about urban artists (perhaps far too many). This project was totally different. This is a film about an absurdly rural artist creating startling works in his metal shed in the middle of nowhere – a far cry from metropolitan bohemian chic.

It is a documentary about the vast void of distance between our hypermodern life and a visual artist that somehow finds his creativity in the most singularly desolate and isolated of English landscapes. I first saw Barrington’s work in a London gallery years ago; a troubling mood, works set in an unknown era and with such a vividly desolate rural backdrop that you can almost see the mud from the Norfolk fields clogging up the picture frame. Then you look closer and the soil is actually right there, physically sprinkled onto his mixed-media pictures.

In my new film about Barrington I found, in my view, a deeply lonely figure who uses the bleak English countryside as a conduit between the fearful outside world and his own internal sorrows”.

Director Louise Rosenberg.

“Opiate Blues and Violent Reds”
[Paint, Photography & Art with Phil Barrington]
HD PAL 16:9.
37mins approx.
Vimeo Exclusive: free-to-watch uncut version from December 1st 2017.

Written & Directed by Louise Rosenberg
For Matchbox Nebula Productions.