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“Britannia; Nationalism as a Urine-Soaked Rag”

Britannia; Nationalism as a Urine-Soaked Rag
15″x20″. Phil Barrington, 2014. Giclée print from Colour Transparency with dyes & debris. Edition of 3.

Thank you England, for your hollow totems and pointless turfwars.
Thank you for The Daily Mail – with their falsified loathing of difference and of change.
Thank you for the tweeting bigots and instahate reactionary-drooling toddlers.
And thank you for all the divisions you’ve strived between the destitute and the have-somes, handsome.

Thank you England, for the loss of innocence and your dark momentary replacements.
Thank you for the Big Fail – with our falsified ambitions and food banks – the only banks the poor can shelter within.
Thank you for a Candy Crush-coloured obscuring of pain and desolation; of the fatal old, abused young and desperate middle-aged.
And thank you for the trappings of a “Christian Country”, where humble empiricists are shunned by monstrous zionists.

Thank you England, for the ever-decreasing circles of rationality, fracked open by blonde-haired jellyfish from central city.
Thank you for the bankers on bail – with their terminal grins and loose change thrown to the gutter.
Thank you for breeding the Sweating Alpha Necks, with their flag-waving beaten wives and empty gurns on the shit-cobbled streets of provincia.
And thank you for the reliably-enforced distrust of all authority and resulting inertia of your electorate, ensuring that your populace will never discover a new governing system.

Thank you England. Keep Calm and Die as a Bankrupt Killing.  It’s what they were elected to do.

Phil Barrington. May 2015.