“The Golden Age of Bloodsports”

The second book by Phil Barrington, this is an extensive collected hardcover book of Jhonn Balance’s words.

A Limited Edition Hardcover book: SOLD OUT.

For one day only, June 18th 2016, amongst all the esoteric books being sold at the ‘London Occult Conference’ from the likes of AOS and Crowley, there was a hardback book bearing the name of COIL’s Jhonn Balance. A limited edition of my second book, the illustrated curation of Balance’s words was available for around 20 minutes before being SOLD OUT.

The Package:

The extras inside every limited edition 346-page hardback book were;
* Real blackbird tail-feather for bookmark (humanely sourced, inspired by the words of Ian Johnstone).
* Glued-in vintage-style Library Card pocket holder for feather bookmark, with specially-designed “Monarchy of the Circulating Library” logo physically ink stamped.
* 8.5″x5.5″ “microfiche” reproduction of Jhonn Balance’s own lyric sheet for unrecorded COIL song “Leviathan Lifts / Life Was Simply a Hole in The Floor” (remastered by myself so that the scribbled-out title is now revealed on the sheet).
* “Library Card” matt photograph from the original photoshoot for the November 2014 edition of the pdf book cover.
* Jhonn Balance lyric sticker sheet.
* Signed & hand-numbered by editor/curator Phil Barrington.

The official promo video for this edition can be viewed on Youtube here.

Released; June 18th 2016 only.

***SOLD OUT*** No further printed copies are currently planned to be released.

See the Other Projects section of my site for a FREE digital version of the latest edition.