[top image] Phil Barrington with graphic designer Kayleigh Wood and “Sachlichkeit” logo design, December 2016.

The new Barrington Arts Logo Design

2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of my formation of Barrington Arts and, to mark the milestone, I have been working with Graphic Designer Kayleigh Wood over the past few months.

KW Design has now produced a series of fantastic minimalist logo designs for all aspects of Barrington Arts branding (from watermarks to website, from promo materials to film/book titles etc.), the designs often infused with a hint of Dadaism, Soviet Constructivism, Neue Sachlichkeit/Bauhaus, Industrialism, Mayakovsky and the Futurists.

Over the next few pictures you’ll see the various logo designs by Kayleigh alongside promo shots from the partnership between KW Design & Barrington Arts to mark the 10th Anniversary of my creative output.