Cracktown v1.0 Press Pack

The ‘Cracktown v1.0’ (2008-2009) conceptual body of work included a fictional blog, photography (with some mixed media elements), text, video, sound, graphical work, gallery installation, and online/offline marketing campaign.

Please find below, a Cracktown v1.0 resource for Press Associations and curious individuals;

The tour diary short film; ‘Making Cracks’ (2010).

‘Venue’ magazine in-depth article on the Cracktown exhibitions (2009).

BBC Radio Norfolk interview for the premiere of the Community Blog aspect of the body of work (2008).

Press articles here and here (2009).

A secret Cracktown website page previously only accessible via a link on USB sticks given out at shows (2009).

Photographs taken of the gallery shows, on the Abandonallhope blog site here, here, here, here, and here (2009).

Norwich Exhibition Trailer (2009).

Photographs of Phil Barrington here (2009 – hi-res available upon request).

Official Phil Barrington website (ongoing).

Phil Barrington Contact Details;


Area of Current Abode; East Anglia, England.

Kind regards,

Phil Barrington

February 2011