The Cracktown Tour Diaries; Week 1 – Part 2 “Interview”

31st January 2009

A freelance journalist from Venue Magazine (an art-based quarterly) came to my lair for an interview today. A sea of positivity and interesting insight about my work came forth from him, explanations for individual works often articulated better than my own (which was a bonus) and a fun time was had by the both of us, I think.

I get the slight impression that people initially assume I’m this kind of intense, deadly serious and unapproachable person – until they meet me. When I think it then becomes clear that my over-excitable and rapid-speed mumbling makes all conversation totally incoherent. Do you ever get people squinting whilst listening to you?

I’m now beginning to realise how lonely it can be, to be a single modern artist in a rural area, ploughing ahead with his little project without a ‘movement’, existing local fanbase for similar subject matter, cash supply from tourists, or ready-made ‘scene’ to support it. Who even knows if any kind of audience is out there for my work at all?

Even if there isn’t, I’d obviously still continue to create the works that I like. It would just be nice to know in advance how many canapes I’d need to order for the opening night.