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“A Collection of Rusted Dreams” by Phil Barrington / 2007-2012

“A Collection of Rusted Dreams” by Phil Barrington / 2007-2012, with essay by Suzie Wildfire.

Limited Edition of 50 worldwide. Available to buy NOW from Etsy.

This brand new highly collectable hardbacked book, signed by the artist, contains nearly 40 uncensored fine art photographic artworks, including an unseen work from the forthcoming ‘Cracktown v3.0’ series of works. *** Contains strong female and male nudity, gore, erotica, and some imagery that may offend. Over 18s only. ***

“By culture fantastical and by politics despairing, I am more concerned with striking symbolic images than linear, logical pictures that tell a coherent story. As a neo-sensualist, Emotion is also of great importance to me; the feelings that hit you before your brain forces you to make sense of things.” Phil Barrington.

Making this book has been a VERY strange process; revisiting my original studio files and photographs to reproduce at highest quality for this book has been at times an awkward, saddening or downright weird journey for me.

Looking back at all the original old works for the first time in years (some files and photographs as old as seven years old), are there things I would do differently now? HELL yes. Would I now want to change or alter how any of the original works have ended up? Not in the slightest. My past naivety and early mistakes are just as important and valuable to me as any form of identifiable ‘success’, and I would never want to go back and ‘fix’ any remaining issue I personally have with my past works (which, in truth, aren’t many).

As such, what you see in this book are all authentic HQ reproductions of my original works, with no ‘hindsight tweaking’ or any application of the working knowledge I have gained since each of these works were born.

I am deeply pleased with most of the works I have shown people over the years, and with every picture I have selected for this book. Though a long way from being any kind of definitive retrospective, this book (which focusses solely on nearly 40 of my works to do with individuals and their inter-relation with their environments) is the next-best-thing to owning any of the large framed original works themselves.

And this high quality and very limited edition book’s price is a mere fraction of the cost of any of the gallery originals you can still buy online. Which is a bit of a bonus, really.

Highest Quality Elements;
With a full-colour dust jacket, the 8.75″ x 11.25″ book’s archival paper, imported from Finland, is from very high quality 120lb sheets, weighing 170 grams per square meter, and has a caliper thickness of 5.1pt.

The Package;
The signed book comes with a signed 8″x6″ high quality colour print, rare original postcard from 2009, signed letter, and exclusive download link for the pdf version.

How To Order; 
The book became available to purchase from the 28th February initially from Etsy (by usual payment methods) and soon through www.barringtonarts.com (via PayPal invoice), or simply email a request for an invoice from your Paypal registered email address to phil@barringtonarts.com. Published by OOTB Publications.

These books will be made to order (up to the limited edition total) if not in stock. In such circumstances, please allow up to 17 days for delivery (slightly longer if not in mainland England).

Kind regards,

Phil Barrington
Barrington Arts