Cracktown v3.0; Behind The Scenes

A shot on location, from a ‘Cracktown v3.0’ shoot. Summer 2012.

‘Joy’ cannot exist without ‘Sorrow’, for everything is finite and all things must pass. In fact, I believe they are not opposite emotions, but are inter-twined. You grab joy as much as you can, for you know joy’s sorrow reminds you to hold on to it so; the mortal sorrow of all things ending.

That is what the over-riding concept for ‘Cracktown v3.0’ shall be about; Sorrowful – but often beautiful – endings, with fading memories of very human joy amongst the rubble and decay of aging modernity.

And the final part of this trilogy of conceptual multimedia and mixed media art, itself spanning six years, certainly reminds myself that everything, including all joy and sorrow, has a Full Stop marked in very black paint.

Lets get going.


Spring 2013.