The Magick Library…

“The Magick library” – An old venture containing great cover artwork by Chris O’Toole…

“This CD Rom contains over 43 complete Magick Books and 32 complete grimoires. Much cheaper than buying the original books. An instant esoteric collection, includes;
Key of Solomon – The most famous handbook of magic,
Lemegeton or The Lesser key of Solomon – All 5 books,
Arbatel of Magic,
Ars Notoria or the Notary art of Solomon,
Heptameron oe Elements of magic by Peter de Abano,
Heptarchia Mystica John Dees summary of techniques for conjuring angels,
The Key of Knowledge – A sixteenth Century English translation of the Key of Solomon,
Le Grimoire du Pape Honorius,
Picatrix magical handbook,
and Much More..”