Cracktown v1.0 Tour; Norwich Exhibition (September 2009)

Ah, the Norwich Exhibition.

Running for the whole of September 2009, with a last-minute extension of the Norwich Playhouse show going into October, in hindsight this was the most colourful of all the 2009 Cracktown exhibitions; coked-up, drunken, dirtily eccentric and downright flirtatious clientele. And that was just on the opening night. The perma-gasmasked Florian was there causing very public eyebrow-raising again, whilst dishing out freshly prepared food on his rusted silver platter. A great atmosphere, and all great fun all-round.

Florian and I finished up at the good old Library Restaurant for top-notch bangers and mash afterwards, with a late evening sojourn into the Murderers pub for a lengthy nightcap of ales.

See elsewhere for the ‘Making Cracks’ Tour Film which shows some footage from the event, but here’s a few shots taken from the Opening Night for your delectation;

With a fidgety Florian, and gallery visitor. Sept 09.

Cracktown promo items; ‘Blue Sky’ Cracktown USB sticks, Artist Statements, Spring 2009 Brochure, some original first-show invites, and price lists. Sept 09.

Very busy at the Playhouse. Sept 09.

Florian helping out with the platter at the Private View. Sept 2009 (getting busier).

Sporting a one-off Germanic side-parting, Phil Barrington poses with Cracktown’s

own conceptual artist Florian. Sept 09.

Food and promotion. Sept 09.

After a fair few drinks, slumping back at the hotel, looking more than slightly aged.

Oh well. Sept 09.


Phil Barrington

February 2011

[this blog post was uploaded in February 2011 but backdated to November 2009 for continuity purposes]

Cracktown v1.0 Opening at Norwich Playhouse (final UK show)


Private View from 5.00pm – 7.00pm, Wednesday 9th September

Brutal landscapes and works of industrial decay at Norwich Playhouse Galleries

September 1st (12noon+) – September 30th (-3.00pm)

Phil Barrington and The Norwich Playhouse invite you to the final leg of his 2009 ‘Cracktown v1.0’ show, taking up residency in both of the Norwich Playhouse galleries for the entire month of September – with the Private View on Wednesday 9th September. The private view is from 5pm-7pm, but Phil will be imbibing in the neighbouring Playhouse Bar afterwards if anyone wants a personalised, somewhat lubricated viewing after that time.

Known for his stark, oppressive landscapes and figures with obscured faces, Phil produces and near-destroys stunning contemporary photographic works which are executed with a morbid attention to detail, lovingly enhanced with scratches, bleach, acrylic and spray paint with varying degrees of subtlety. National Geographic this is not.

Come, partake in a beverage or two on the night, for sale from the Playhouse Bar, polish off a few gorgeous savouries from Barrington’s free wandering platter (served by Florian Van Jannel), and inspect this collection of truly unique photographic work that exude contemporary feelings of media-enhanced doom with a healthy dash of nihilism (or maybe not?). This distinctive show will feature memorable works of sociopathy and moral failure, fused with beautiful images of grue and rust, also including one brand spanking new work from a future series, never before seen anywhere in the world.

“I cannot make up my mind whether or not this final exhibition, at the superb Playhouse, will either be more ‘intimate’, or my ‘in your face’ in its presentation this time around”, Phil says with drunken glee. “I’ve certainly gone back and changed my curatorial ideas for this final showing, hopefully spicing things up a little before this mini-tour bows out gracefully and the curtain falls.”

“Because I am an impatient sort, I’ve decided at the last moment to damn conceptual conventions and disregard a couple of previously seen works from this tour, exhibiting one brand new work in their place; never before seen by anyone else, this work is probably one of my most boldest images yet, and a definite indicator of my work for 2010.”

Open to the public from Wednesday 1st September, Barrington’s show runs until the end of the month before his Cracktown v 1.0 Tour 2009 grinds to an inevitable close. More information on future Barrington shows will always be found here.

Norwich Playhouse
42 – 58 St. George’s Street
Norwich, NR3 1AB

How to find the venue

Parking information

The galleries are usually open from 10am until the building closes each day. Occasionally the Upper Gallery is closed early – please phone ahead (01603 612580) if you intend to view the work in the evening.