Phil Barrington Artwork; “The Lovers”

“Love * Union * Passion * Sexuality * Pleasure * Humanism * Desire * Individual values * Physical attraction * Connection”

In a nutshell; my ‘The Lovers’ tarot card-inspired work is a canvas board-based collage of found items.

Specifically; 18 years ago I acquired a large private collection of photographs (polaroids etc.) shot and processed in the 1960s-1970s that were clearly sent between lovers in a sexual fantasy context, often with accompanying hand-written notes of lust on the reverse side of the home-made prints.

It is a small pasted & matte-varnished selection of these original photographs, together with other elements; ink stamp, dried drops of blood (my own), hand-written annotations, and more, that comprise my tarot card.

“The Lovers” [detail].

Preparatory trimmings for “The Lovers” mixed media collage on canvas. The work features only one facsimile (a blow-up of “The Lovers” tarot card itself) – the rest of the media is original, including actual vintage amateur photographs, a splice of film, and cut-up pages from a 1971 sex manual for couples.

“The Lovers” – with example of frame.
12″X 16″. Mixed media collage on canvas. Original Edition of 1.

“The Lovers”12″X 16″. Mixed media collage on canvas. Original Edition of 1.
Phil Barrington.