Photography Competition Opening; West Norfolk in Bloom 2009

Phil Barrington joined the judging panel for the ‘West Norfolk in Bloom’ photography competition in July 2009. The competition, part of the national ‘Britain in Bloom‘ campaign, was open to all amateur photographers residing in the West Norfolk area, of all ages.

Phil and the rest of the judging panel looked through all the varied work two weeks ago and finally came up with the winners for the exhibition held at the Coal Shed Gallery, Hunstanton, West Norfolk from last Monday (3rd August).

The theme of this year’s Britain in Bloom campaign (and related photography competition) is ‘local roots’, which focusses on past/present/future local and cultural heritage.

A possible interpretation of the theme included; historic buildings, landmarks and features from individual ancient walls to Renaissance buildings – demonstrate how our local heritage represents the past and the future of West Norfolk. Another interpretation of the theme could have been; diverse landscapes, from urban parks and rolling fields to stunning seascapes.

The judges unanimously felt that the winning images of the competition certainly fulfilled elements of the theme as outlined above.

Phil curated/hung the show with long-time partner-in-crime ‘JP’ under direction from Helen Gooding, Marketing & Development Manager for the King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council.

Mr. Barrington stated; “Although my own work can be quite far removed from the themes presented in many of the works in this show, I accepted the very kind offer to get involved with this show because I totally support the idea of amateur photographers getting more exposure and I am attracted to striking images of rural/urban history, the passing of time, and the ‘light amongst the dark’. The winners certainly reflected those elements in their work. It was great fun indeed.”

Borough Council/In Bloom Website

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