The Cracktown Tour Diaries; Week 4 – Part 3 “The Final Day”

21st February

“Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen”
[I always loved that deeply emotive and epic M*A*S*H grand finale]

Time to pack up and leave town, I reckon. I decided to conduct a last-minute experiment, leaving the Gimp Sandwich Board™ in the gallery cupboard throughout the final day to see if the absence of that free-standing street advertisment effected the footfall figures. It didn’t. Just as high an amount of visitors came in today as on previous days. Which was nice.

Gimp Sandwich Board™

Taking stock of the past two weeks I have been lucky to receive positive feedback for virtually all of the individual works of the show, particular praise given by gallery visitors to the following works, in order of the amount of comments I received;

1. Blinded By The Light
[many people seemed to have a strong emotive connection to this work]

2. Synaesthesia
[seems to be ever popular across all ages/demographics]

3. Concrete Soil
[people liked the detail, layout of the shot, and contrasting brickwork & shadows]

4. Fertility Industriale
[an apparently strong presence in the gallery, this garnered high praise and salacious comments/mild shock in fairly equal measure]

5. In View of Nothing
[an unexpected curio to many people, with its pseudo-collage groove going on]

Tomorrow it all comes down from the walls and the Cracktown v1.0 Tour truck trundles out of town and onto its next destination; Cambridge (a ‘save the date’ reminder; ‘Cambridge Galleries’ from April 15th).

More news about that coming soon.

So, would I exhibit a solo gallery show in King’s Lynn again?

Well, possibly, though who’s to say what the future holds? I also like to keep on doing things I haven’t done before, so coming back to KL in the near future would already seem quite a repetitive idea to me – but who knows?

Once again, a big thank you to all who came along to the show and supported my concept.

You were an excellent audience.

Best Wishes,