The Cracktown Tour Diaries; Week 3 – Part 3 “Green Fog and Heavy Snow”

12th February 2009

So, mid-week through my invigilation of the first stint of my Cracktown gallery tour and I’m completely bowled over. The response from the public to my work has been unexpectedly astounding. I’m getting a fair few people coming through the door, all of which have gone on to view my entire collection throughout all three rooms of the gallery. Some fascinating contacts have been made, some really interesting feedback given, some drink being drunk. A small portion of wine and absinthe was left over from the opening night, so have decided to either offer it to visitors or drink it myself throughout the day (luckily only around half had been drunk by myself before visitors enjoyed the remaining stock).

Everyone’s been very pleasant. Local camera club members have come in, and left with documentation about myself and body of work for the rest of their organisation (though I, of course, am not a photographer myself). The snow has returned, unfortunately, and is falling quite heavily – the sandwich board up the street is still signposting people to the gallery effectively (for the time being), but it seems likely that the weather will eventually stop the waveringly adventurous amongst the throng from visiting the bright lights of Greyfriars Art Space for the remaining two opening hours of the day. Looking back over the records of footfall from previous shows, there seems to be an average of 8 people visiting per day. I’ve had 18 people turn up yesterday, and 19 thus far today. I’d like to say that this success was all down to my marketing & promotional plan, but it is most likely due to the effectiveness of the press coverage over the past 6 days. No matter; it is all good.

The poet and artist Steven Pottle popped into the gallery to share luminous green drinks and glasses of sauvignon blanc semillon with me today. Great to see him once again after our hilarious podcast session before Christmas (more about that coming soon), and he gave me a very kind Morrissey-shaped gift; always eagerly accepted, with sincere thanks. In summary; another great day at the gallery.

Yours, slightly green,