My Short Film: “My Dunwich Horror”

‘My Dunwich Horror’. April 2007

Here’s a 2 minute film of some footage I shot of the Dunwich area on the South Coast of England – an inspiration for one of Lovecraft’s most famous of stories. I am pleased to say that, despite very rough editing (crap software I say) and a self-set creation time of only 3 hours, this film has gained praise elsewhere in the darkest corners of the web, with over 200 people viewing it through myspace alone, and 2027 people viewing my Lovecraft material on a Lovecraft-based forum.

Download my short film here:

To download it, click on the above link, then scroll down the page and click the FREE button. Then scroll down the subsequent page and enter the combination of bold letters/numbers shown in the empty box underneath. Click on the button, then on the next page, click on the download button ¾ down the page.

See how Lovecraft fans judged my work here:

Self-promotion? Moi?