Collage & Gallery Spaces

An album of 2D collage ideas and use of public/gallery spaces as 3D collages to convey ideas and atmosphere.

By Phil Barrington.

Project description

Specific information on “The Lovers” collage. 16″x12″, Mixed Media Collage on board; paints/inks/polaroids. Edition of 1. Feb 2012.

This framed piece is a collage tarot card interpretation featuring a selection of real vintage erotic polaroids that I have accumulated from house clearance sales over the past 25 years. In short, these historic polaroids and notes were exchanges between lovers who are no longer with us. I made this piece in February 2012 as part of the “Pete’s Tarot” mixed media art project led by Exeter artist Shelley McBain (my original framed work, along with the actual printed Tarot card, remains in her collection);

“Pete’s Tarot is a foray into the area of Relational Art and questions the future of Individualism in Art and society. As a concept, Pete’s Tarot contains within it examples of the strengths and weaknesses of being human; Curiosity; superstition; The integrity of good business; the detriment of capitalism; creating new things by interpreting the old…” Shelley McBain.