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“Octavia; The Rustyard of All Conflicts”

“Octavia; The Rustyard of All Conflicts” 18″x24″. Phil Barrington, 2014. Polielettronica print with dyes and debris. Edition of 3. “In the book ‘Soldiers on the Home Front’ I was greatly struck by the fact that in childbirth alone, women commonly suffer more pain, illness and misery than any war hero ever does. And what’s her […]

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“Sophronia; Il Cristo Degli Cervice [The Saviour As Woman II]”

“Sophronia; Il Cristo Degli Cervice [The Saviour As Woman II]” 24″x18″. Phil Barrington, 2014. Polielettronica print from Colour Transparency with dyes & debris. Edition of 3. “I have long had a theory that the popularity of Christianity has always depended on its appeal to the sadism of its adherents. The exceptional should be crucified, saith […]

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FEMALES (in life & with death) – A new series by Phil Barrington. 2014-2015.

FEMALES (in life & with death) – A new series by Phil Barrington. 2014-2015. Photographic studies of females from mythical, reimagined historical and contemporary times; strength, resilience, despair, gender and sensuality. From ancient Greek mythology to the Victorian era, the Golden Age of Hollywood up to contemporary times, “FEMALES (in life & with death)” is […]

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Experimental Photography Workshop at the Norwich Forum (Feb 22nd 2014)

I’m honoured to say that I shall be conducting an experimental photography workshop for young people (including City College students) for the Norwich Millennium Library at the Norwich Forum on February 22nd 2014. As part of the class structure I shall be taking along a suitcase of strange and mysterious props from my studio archives […]

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“How Dark is Darkness?” An essay by Phil Barrington

Marco Malattia, “No Vaseline“, digital expression of sexuality and the evolution of transgression art on film. An essay by Phil Barrington.     **some descriptions within this essay, and hyperlinks to external sites, may disturb some people** The Pre-Digital Origins From the earliest moments in history of photography and film there have been examples of […]

My Film of the Year (2013); “Joel-Peter Witkin – An Objective Eye”

“Joel-Peter Witkin; An Objective Eye” (2013, Thomas Marino), review by Phil Barrington [My review first featured on the official film website here.] I set aside some quality time (and some quality wine), settled down and watched this deeply revealing documentary last Saturday evening. As just one person in a whole legion of long-time fans of Witkin’s […]

cracktown v3.0; the dying years // phil barrington //

Don’t forget that, ahead of updating the www.barringtonarts.com website, you will always see my newest work first on the Barrington Arts Facebook page. So why not venture over there and ‘Like’ the page to stay in the loop with all that’s new?   “The Final Opening” 24″x18″. Phil Barrington, 2013. Edition of 3. Spraypaint on […]