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FEMALES (in life & with death) – A new series by Phil Barrington. 2014-2015.

FEMALES (in life & with death) – A new series by Phil Barrington. 2014-2015.

Photographic studies of females from mythical, reimagined historical and contemporary times; strength, resilience, despair, gender and sensuality.

From ancient Greek mythology to the Victorian era, the Golden Age of Hollywood up to contemporary times, “FEMALES (in life & with death)” is a regular series of mixed media mood pieces – many photographs developed through the use of slides and negatives placed over organic textures and liquids.


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Experimental Photography Workshop at the Norwich Forum (Feb 22nd 2014)

I’m honoured to say that I shall be conducting an experimental photography workshop for young people (including City College students) for the Norwich Millennium Library at the Norwich Forum on February 22nd 2014.

As part of the class structure I shall be taking along a suitcase of strange and mysterious props from my studio archives for the class to experiment a whole range of photographical ideas on throughout the day.

So, if you’re mooching around Norwich on that date and spot a young photographer wandering around with a broken Edwardian clock, replica human skull or prosthetic limb in their hands, you’ll now know why.

Phil B.