I wasn’t going to give any kind of summary at all, but there are a couple of points I think I should mention before we begin. ‘Cracktown’, as a project, is on a basic level a weblog – set 4 years in the future in a town somewhat removed from Kings Lynn, Norfolk – this time ‘Old Lynn’ is a place full of troubled people and fearful incidents.

Four very different people emerge from this 2012 setting to post snippets about their lives on the blog (making it a ‘blog opera’ in a sense). The essence of this very adult blog is, of course, the conceptual portrait photography of these four damaged people, but there is a lot more to Cracktown than that. Video footage of the diseased town mixed in with graphical atmos work, landscape photography, assorted abstract imagery and ambient sound, enveloped in its own mythology and background detail. There are quite a lot of textual entries (it is a blog diary after all), and these pieces kind of drive what narrative there is (and there IS a narrative – of sorts – if you choose to look for one).

Fame as God / social erosion / machismo / intimidation / deprivation / industrialism / extreme violence as beautiful entertainment / environmentalism / religion collapsed and usurped

Please take a journey with me – I want to personally show you the way to Cracktown… a place where madmen go to feel sane.


[beginning January 12th]