“Hotel”. Taken by myself on a very poor camera in an Amsterdam back street, September 2003. Now part of the ‘Territorial Markings’ manifesto node.

“Greetings, and thank you for choosing our hotel, ya. We’ll take your bags up…just navigate around the abandoned (and heavily graffitied) train carriage and I’ll show you up to your room. What’s a five-star rating?” Classic.


A Blog Visitor Contribution

I always like feedback from anyone about any aspect to do with my work, especially constructive criticism, fun-poking, and bubble-bursting.

I also love special contributions from visitors to this blog so, without further ado, here is a cute photograph of a deceased rodent sent in to me by FK after seeing my dead rat/deadhead series of photographs. Thank you FK. Much appreciated & warmly received.

‘I Am Gay’

“I Am Gay”. A shot of an anonymous stenciler’s work, a frank admission later added by someone clearly now out of the closet and unabashed. Taken near Hillington Square, King’s Lynn. June 2007. Part of the ‘Territorial Markings’ manifesto node.