\\\\\\\Transmission .III.

Now switching off my month-long showcase for my ‘Industrial Collection #2’ and ‘A Boy In The Bush’ mini-node collections.

Thanks to those of you who have provided feedback about the ones you liked, or the works that caused some bemusement to you. All sensible comments are most appreciated.

Now? Onwards and upwards, of course. I will continue to post fresh and old images of work here, covering various themes. But I will give old George Bush and industrial delapidation a bit of a rest for now. I am currently drawing up a manifesto about what subjects I will be exploring in the near future. More information forthcoming. Incidentally, if anyone would like any photographic piece seen here as a high quality framed piece of work, just leave a comment on the blog or email me for more info. I have contact with a decent local business that can sort out most of my photographic requests.

See you later in the month with a different collection of shiny new items,


\\\\\\\Transmission .II.

1). The largely unedited ‘Lynn News’ version (click it to enlarge)

1). The heavily edited ‘EDP’ version
Here’s 2 versions of the article I have recently written about the current Eastern Open Art Exhibition (exhibition details here: http://www.kingslynnarts.co.uk/galleries.html) ;

(1). appeared in the ‘Lynn News’ at the end of March, virtually unedited and with the original title.
(2). a bastardised version appearing in the ‘Eastern Daily Press’ the week before, with a laughably bad title and hilariously crap editing.

See which version you prefer.

\\\\\\\Transmission .I.

This morning I submitted three photographic works to the Open Source Resistance website – a platform that describes itself as: “…an attempt to bring together people who have messages and broadcast networks to get those messages out. This is an attempt to start a grass-roots militia, so ordinary people can fight to prevent a world where civil rights AND natural resources are both being strip-mined for the convenience of multinational corporations and People Who Know They Are Right.”

Check it out here: http://www.opensourceresistance.net/

The 3 pieces I submitted are: ‘From The Mouths of Babel’, ‘Petroleumism’ (exclusive work), and ‘A Microsoft Message’ (exclusive work).

My Original Email to OSR:

“.`///// Transmission I


Please find attached, some raw Globalisation/Bush-whacked photographs I shot last month in a desecrated industrial complex close to my home, deliberately free from slogans or quotations, for any such use as you seem fit.

My website, with further galleries and access to various images of similar themes and atmos:


[] [] [] Over and out…[\\